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College Preparatory Academy

College Preparatory Academy

College Preparatory Academy


The College Preparatory Academy is committed to providing students with a learning experience that is rigorous and promotes college readiness.  Students who participate in C.P.A. develop an awareness about college . Grade levels promote the awareness in the following ways:. 

Kindergarten—Grade 3

· Utilize college vocabulary in each classroom

· Participate in college readiness kick-off assembly

· Promote college readiness at morning assemblies and C.P.A. days

· Set career goals and learn about colleges that support those careers

· Learn the scholarliness traits


Grades 4-5 (Same as K-3 curriculum and)

· Discuss the importance of students being on the A-G track in high school

· Display LBUSD College Promise and A-G requirements

· Do informational reading and reports on college options

· Utilize specific strategies to support college organizational expectations (Cornell notes, planners, etc.)

· Take fieldtrips (real and virtual)  to colleges