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School Description

Lafayette is Professional Learning Community (PLC) that consists of a multitude of stakeholders who each take part in ensuring the success of all students. A PLC is a group of educators who come together for the purpose of learning. As a PLC, our guiding question that focuses the daily implementation of the school VISION is simply "How do we ensure all students are learning?” As a PLC we are inclusive to all: Students, Parents and Parent Booster Club, Staff: certificated and classified, Administrative Team, Leadership Team, local community leaders/members/mentors, Wrigley Neighborhood Association and local business partnerships.
Our Vision for Lafayette Elementary School aligns with the LBUSD district Mission/Vision: "All students to meet and exceed grade level standards" "Each student to become a responsible citizen through daily interaction in the learning community and society at large". The vision is actualized through the school's MISSION: Guidelines for Success (GFS). GFS is the "Lafayette Way" and aligns the students, staff and parents on common expectations for our school learning community.

Lafayette Elementary school is an inner city “learning community” nestled in the historic residential neighborhood of the South Wrigley District in Long Beach. We serve approximately 900, K-5 students, on a year round single track B Calendar. Our demographics mirror the state, city, and district trends: 72% Hispanic, 19% African-American, 2% Asian, 2% Filipino, 2% Pacific Islander, 2% Caucasian; 46.5% English Language Learners, 14% Accelerated and 3% Special Education.
Lafayette is a school-wide Title 1, free and reduced lunch 100% non-pricing school. All students in Kindergarten through third grade participate in class size reduction (CSR) with a student to teacher ratio of 20:1. Students in grades 4-5 participate in class size reduction (CSR) with a student to teacher ratio of 30:1. Lafayette offers a comprehensive California content standards based program for all students in grades K-5. Lafayette additionally offers two premier rigorous and challenging educational programs: GATE/EXCEL in grades 1-5 and Dual Immersion Spanish in grades K-5.
Lafayette is a school that is focused on student achievement results. For the past eight years (2001 to 2009), Lafayette has made No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Adequate Yearly Progress for student proficiency for school wide targets: 46.3% in English, 70% in Math and 49% in Science. Based on the 2008-09 STAR: CST results, Lafayette is proud to boast of an "811" API, statewide rank of "7" and similar schools rank of "10".
As a PLC, Lafayette has built a strong core of educators who are consistently asking themselves how can "we" improve our practice to better enhance student learning. This quest for self improvement has caused over 1/2 the staff to pursue and attain Master's degrees and develop staff study groups that lead to more critical questions for effective instructional practice creating higher expectations for the students and within themselves. We are extremely proud of two staff members who were honored as Nationally Board Certified.
In a nutshell, Lafayette is a PLC, a community that engages in purposeful and collegial learning. The learning is intentional for the purpose of improving staff effectiveness whereby all students learn successfully to high academic standards. Lafayette as a PLC supports and directs the school VISION to actualization - high quality student learning.
We welcome you to visit our school and come to know why Lafayette ROARS with PRIDE, PASSION and daily PURPOSE.