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Vision and Mission

Lafayette's Educational Vision

Lafayette’s Educational Vision:
Each student to meet and exceed grade level academic standards
Each student to become a responsible citizen through daily interaction in the learning community and society at large

Lafayette Community:

  • Warm greeting to all stakeholders; staff, parents, students, community members
  • Parents, and Community are actively engaged and integral component to the success of students
  • An environment that nurtures learning
  • Multiple levels of reward systems
  • Use technology mediums students to connect our society and world

Lafayette Educators:

  • Lafayette will provide all students with a standards based balanced curriculum
  • Rigorous academic preparation that infuses higher level taxonomy questions to develop problem solving skills
  • Teachers uses multiple strategies to support the diverse needs of all learners by using ongoing assessments
  • Collaboration and communication across grade levels regarding student learning expectations
  • Praise and positive reinforcement to students in their working towards and meeting standards and meeting short and long term goals

Lafayette Community of Learners:

  • Intrinsically motivated, active participants in their learning
  • Use reading strategies and skills to unlock knowledge and make meaning in all content areas
  • Develop and foster global views and perspectives: current events, cultural, technology, and current events
  • Become critical thinkers and problem solvers by asking questions, feel free to investigate and think outside of the box
  • Apply their character education values in daily interactions and behaviors towards self, classmates, staff and the learning community
  • Using Cooperative learning structures to support students becoming  peer tutors and coaches