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Our Team's Guidelines for Success

GFS for Lafayette's Staff

Set Goals

  • Post daily learning schedule with objectives in ELA, MATH, ELD and Writing
  • Using data(CST/LROIX/OARS) to establish short and long term goals that monitor students working towards proficiency in California content standards
  • As a practitioner set annual goals to develop an action plan to meet proficiency of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession

Be Responsible

  • Ownership of outcomes for student learning across grade levels
  • Be organized and prepared to teach, apply staff development, resources and  best practices to instructional repertoire
  • Attend and be actively engaged in required meetings with appropriate notebooks and utensils and meeting deadlines
  • Communicate and collaborate with team members openly and honestly

Do your best

  • Have high expectations for all students by providing daily lessons that are academically rigorous
  • “Can Do” attitude: Daily speech and actions
  • Daily lessons that reflect state standards and all components of lesson design (EEEI)

Be on time

  • Required engagements- work day, grade level, staff meetings, staff development professional release
  • Greet students at the door: 8:00, recess and lunch

Be respectful

  • Common courtesy with colleagues “Good morning/afternoon – How are you today?”
  • Believe in every student everyday! – by maximizing their ability with constructive supportive feedback regarding learning goals
  • Value multiple perspectives: family values, cultures, religious, customs, beliefs and lifestyles